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The magic of Sozopol

This film is for summer in heaven

This place… it doesn’t happen for the first time… there is something here… that makes people dream… and feel… love…

Near the freedom of the sea… flying with the seagulls… crashing with the waves in the rocks… having G&Ts for breakfast, just because why not… we feel free here… we are taken by the magic of this place.

I’ve been to Sozopol many times, with my parents and relatives when I was little and with friends when I was a teenager. In 2016 I came here to work, simply a seasonal work.

But what happened I didn’t expect. I decided to stay and did it.

I stayed here for a year and a half, 2 summer seasons, and one winter. And they both were so different.

In the summer there are so many people, you can’t pass through. Young people partying, having fun, living as for last. Guitar players on the streets, magicians, pirates, and mermaids. Meeting sunrises on the beach, sleeping 3 hours, and going back to work exhausted. Getting tan, swimming in the sea, collecting shells and rapanas.

Dreaming for Californication.

And in the winter… there is no one. You have the little town all for yourself. The streets are empty, no one at the beach. At night – only one lamp is on, only one shop is working. The old town is like a ghost place, completely dark, giving a scary vibe with its old houses. But it stays as beautiful and magical as always.

And as usual I stay as crazy as I am, so I kept on going on my way and traveled to other places the next few years, as far as the other side of the world.

Two weeks ago I came back here. Just for a few days… Hahaha, who am I lying?

As soon as I took a look at the sea and the beauty of Sozopol, I immediately decided to stay. For how long? Who knows? We are living young, and wild, and free!

This film is for summer in heaven This film is forbidden for adults This film will be over in the winter

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