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Let’s escape to Bali!

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Throwback to Heaven (and the inspiration of “For the SOUL”)

9th of April, I am at Heathrow Airport waiting to get on a 12-hour flight. A bit frightened but also feeling the release from the bad energy and memories. After a few devastating months I took my life in hands, got my backpack and escaped to the new beginning.

Bali is called “The Island of hundred Gods and thousand temples” and there is what for.

It is part of the Indonesian archipelago but is the only Hindu majority island there yet tolerating every other religion. Since the airport, Bali welcomes you with his cultural style and temple-looking buildings. The big and small temples are all around and make you feel in another world. There are highly developed arts and you can find inspiration in everything. Either if you want to explore the ancient culture or go for a retreat; party hard all night and surf all day; work as a digital nomad or spent your retirement there, you can find it all on this small island of paradise.

So I arrived there after one full day of traveling. From the cold weather in London I went to the highly humid air with over 30°C, sweating like hell even at 11 pm but with the widest smile I’ve ever had. Palms and tropical plants everywhere and I just couldn't wait to go to the beach and enjoy the hot weather. We were a group of eight people with which we have talked only online. There, we met for the first time and became like a family, from the beginning to the end of our six week program.

It took some time to get used to the time change and the humid weather, but the island took my heart instantly.

We were often making trips to the other parts of the island, exploring multiple temples, the tropical jungle, hidden waterfalls and beaches. We got closer to the natives and their culture thanks to Ngurah who took us to see the coconut and cocoa farms, chocolate factory, rindik bamboo music, traditional Kecak dancers and also this amazing panoramic view from the main picture in the post.

The food there is mainly spicy, which I don’t like, but got used to it as well. It is a perfect place for vegans and vegetarians with many options to choose from. I loved eating those big bright pink dragon fruits every morning. We also visited a traditional market and tried so many new fruits which names I couldn’t remember even then.

After a whole year in which I haven’t been training almost at all, I started doing yoga again. I stopped eating sweets and even drinking coffee, which is hard to believe as I love both so much. And with all those fruits, healthy food and the most important - to enjoy my time there and take the best of it, I started feeling much better. Also started doing meditation and had time to draw again. I made my first website and started my journey in finding a way to show my art (and year after - also the way I look at the world, my inspirations and struggles).

After all this is why I went there – to clean my body and mind from everything negative.

The group with which I was there helped a lot for this to happen, supporting each other for our aims in this journey. We also had a couple of birthdays and many crazy nights, carefree days and wonderful journeys which we won't forget.

There is only one question - when is the reunion?

P.S. apparently there isn't a normal picture with all of us. Love you all!

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