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Good to be back home

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

But not quarantined...

Today is exactly one month since I came back home and I am in lockdown. Plenty of good things about it and even more things which are bad (mostly considering the lockdown). But after all it is good to be back home.

The good things about being in lockdown are that we have so much free time and we can do what we’ve been postponing for a long time.

Also if you decided to go back home from abroad you can finally see your relatives. I did exactly this and now I realize how much I’ve missed it.

But in the time of quarantine many people struggle with not having what to do, which I see just as a lack of desire.

We are in the 21st century and thanks to the internet we can learn so many new things from home.

Learn that language you’ve always wanted to; finally, find a way to pre-qualify in your dreamed job; learn new skills, you might find your new passion; finally having time to work out and make that body for the summer (that’s the toughest one for me tho…). Although it is not easy to find a job right now due to the crisis situation, you can always use those new skills when the situation normalizes. Or you can have an innovative idea and find a new job exactly right now. The bad sides of the lockdown are more than obvious – most of us can’t work and might struggle a lot with the situation. Also I feel like this situation is taking the freedom of the people and is bordering with a crime. I feel like we’re taking a turn back to the times when people didn’t have rights.

If I start imagining what more can happen, it ends in a way of dystopian novel and I don’t like it.

Not going out in fresh air and sitting all day at home makes the immune system loosen. Also it can affect really bad to the psyche of the people and lead to depression and psychosis. I am not propagandizing, I just don’t agree with most of the things that are happening.

Anyway, I can’t change anything so I better just take the best of it. I am blessed with my art because I always have new ideas and what to do. I finally had more time to draw, experiment, prepare for university and read plenty of books for psychology and philosophy. What I didn’t do – I haven’t been working out (I’ve missed the food here :D) and I haven’t started more seriously to study Spanish. But everything will happen with time.

All we can do now is make the best out of the situation!

How long have you been in a lockdown and what did you managed to do with this time? Share in the comments below. :))

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