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"For the SOUL"

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Today is exactly one year since I went to Bali and for this occasion I want to share with you the beginning of my series related to the soul. I had my inspiration when I came back from Bali with a cleaned body and mind and I saw the world from a different perspective.

After this refreshing journey I finally unlocked the ability to express my feelings and illustrate them on the blank canvas.

I’ve been always interested in the spiritual, I like observing people and their connections, and also the psychology of people. These series are related to my own psychology observations and philosophy thoughts. The first drawing started thanks to a rich subconscious. I didn’t know it will turn into something so meaningful. When I finished it and started observing and studying the symbolism of the artwork, it started revealing its story. Sometimes I have this way of subconscious drawing. I don’t know what I am doing, but in the end my mind is telling me so much about myself and things that happen to my life recently. Works a bit like self psychoanalyze.

(1) The story of this girl starts with her being on the dark side, tied up by her will. She is with the demons because there she feels safe and the world outside can be very cruel if you are overly kind.

Those monsters, or demons, represent our vices, bad habits and behavior. We are often used to them and live well with our bad masks, not showing our real selves.We often hide behind certain behavior and sometimes this is our way to protect ourselves.

But sometimes we spent a good time with all these bad things. We enjoy the bad side, it’s fun there...

(2) Again the demons and the bad side showing up here. But this time she has had enough of all this. She wants to throw the mask and be herself, open her hearts for the real feelings. The demons are smiled, they know she has been with them for a long time and it’s not going to be easy to just throw everything at once and change totally.

She wants to escape from the monsters, she wants to stop just surviving with the devil’s skin and start living with an angel soul.

And all of this comes true when she escapes from the busy London and goes to warm her soul in Bali.

(3) There, she meets an amazing person who makes the ice around her heart melt. She feels she can fly for happiness. Nature and flowers bloom with the occasion of her new beginning with a new and improved self. She is calming down floating on clouds from happiness while the sun is shining and slowly slowly melting the ice in her heart. She started falling in love with this new spirit, which was at this place. She was feeling like in her real home. The flowers on the road were blooming in the name of the new beginning more beautiful than ever. The love was weaving around her with her gentle hands in her web from the kindest and sensual caress. Her soul was expanding in the new sensations and as it seems the ice will soon brake and let her heart feel those highest euphoric. There she reached new highs and her soul was flying with the birds. The sun was so warming that she was melting and that was making her indescribably happy.

There she was Real.

(4)It came the moment when she had to go back to the big city. The separation was tough like no other. She was crying like never before. It was hard but you knew that it is for good, because only when you lose something or go far away from it and think again over it, you can realize its real meaning. …Her soul kept dreaming, quietly and gently, and was waiting for the moment to go back there.

(5) Unfortunately this is how life works, so she realizes that she has to be patient for the love to come. Might be not written to be with him, but someday she will find someone. Far away from her paradise and the love she had to have a lot of patience and wait for the moment to go back there. Just as love drawing mandalas needs patience. Their purpose is to calm and heel. They can be used for meditation as well.

(6) She was dreaming for him again and was going back there in her thoughts and stealing some memories and sensations. She was warming with them later in the cold days and lighted up the sad ones.

She couldn’t stay there anymore. She had to leave as soon as possible. She was starting to hurt from those feelings, but she found a solution – she learned to swim.

She was diving in the sweet memories and after that in the salty waters of the sadness. She was diving in herself and her world of imagination too and there she was spending most of her time lately. There like her grief was drowning easier. Anyway she always liked to swim in those bright rivers of color and different shaped waterfalls with strange but good-natured creatures around. But sometimes she was swimming in the demons’ waters as well…

This is only the beginning of the story. Full text about the 16 artworks I've done so far you can find here. I hope they will inspire you or you will see yourself in them. Namaste!

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