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Crazy decisions for difficult times

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Or how not to panic and take the best of the situation (1st part)

Photo: Malta, 2-5.02.2020

18th March 2020

Today I was supposed to go back to London and continue my job in a restaurant, but because of guess why this didn’t happen.

COVID-19 as we all know put quickly all Europe in a lockdown. For the pharmacy industry this might be a great time, but for everyone else is chaos and crisis. At the first moment when they told me that I MUST be in quarantine for two weeks I got mad. Not because I can’t stay, but because of all the plans I had – a few more journeys around Europe and I just don’t like someone telling me what to do. But after I thought about it for a while, I started liking this turn of things.

I live for moments like this - when not you are the one making the decision, but life is shutting that wrong door in your face and kicking you through the right one!

That’s the way I see things. So I quickly reorganized all my life! Now I can see my family for a month or so and along with this practice my drawing, edit my website and do my blog (with this amazing first top topic of the time), oh, and get in shape for the summer! Anyway, I never liked the UK that much, although I will miss my friends there with which I couldn’t even say goodbye. Now I am thinking of all the places that I actually want to go and live there. And I am thinking of how good life is because this situation just speeded up all my recent desires.

A few hours ago I just quit my job, told my landlord and left everything behind in the name of the sunrise of the new beginning!!!

As this happens so often in my life I feel enlightened at this very moment. Exactly when you think that nothing is going right and you don’t have control – let it go. That is how it is supposed to happen. The chaos is needed to make the new light shine so bright.

Unfortunately it is not like that for everyone…I have a friend locked in Portugal. He can’t go back home for the next month and even then, flights are $2000. I really hope life will make things work for him and show him the path of his crazy decision in these difficult times. And not only to him but to everyone locked somewhere far from home to everyone who will suffer from the crisis. Let’s all find our unusual decisions in difficult times!

When life gives you lemons, keep calm and make limoncello!

Also, I have many friends who are considering changing totally the job they are having. It is a time in which we can improve our skills in the dream job we have. Just like me now, finally making my blog and improving my website. If they hadn’t quarantined me, this would’ve happened maybe after one year, as I was so busy with other projects. Everything being on hold gives you the opportunity to STOP and TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Give yourself time, take that desired rest. Now is the time to do that change you’ve been thinking about so long. Be crazy and do it for yourself!

Tell me what are the changes in your life that you want to make in the comments!

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