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A confession to you

I said to myself that I want to write more here on the blog, and I didn’t.

I was stuck. I wrote some stuff but wasn’t sure if it was going to be interesting or helpful. Was it going to be too academic and informative? Didn’t I want it to be more intimate and personal? What was I doing? Can I even write? Is it worthy?

But in the end, it is what it is. And I am what I am.

And it will be the mixture and chaos just as I am.

And if it helps even one person or teaches him something new, I’ll be happy.

And I want to care less. To just get everything out of me. To share with you. Because I know that even something small like this CAN be helpful.

Don’t we all feel like this sometimes? Don’t we all struggle sometimes?

And here is my first small step to being completely sincere. …and I just burst into tears while writing this sentence…

Because I’ve been hiding so much through the years. Hiding it to myself, because nobody understood...

Because when I tried to share my inner struggles, all I received was “Depression doesn’t exist, you’re faking it”, “C’mon, just put your sh!t together”, with a laugh at my face. When I was ready to reveal my feelings, I was met with “You’re not okay in the head”, and “The therapies are filling your head with bullsh!t”.

If I can help even one person… not to be met with those answers that I felt like knives in my heart… I would be more than happy.

And here is my first confession to you. Here is the first small step.

October is the World Mental Health Month! Help to spread awareness and end the stigma! #mentalhealthawareness

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