Hello, everyone! My name is Raya Yordanova, 21yo, from Bulgaria. Ok, that was the easy part, now let's try to explain the rest of my messy life. I am an artist so I'm not the best in writing, but I have moments when I'm in an urge to share my thoughts with someone. Usually, this is just talking with myself. So I thought I might try to change that otherwise, I will really get crazy.


My passion for art has been from an early age, but also my passion for life. I haven't been to university yet, because I like handling so many and different things that I wasn't sure exactly what I want to study. I got through a graphic design course (in London) to learn that YouTube videos can teach you much more and cheaper as I've been watching them since I was 13. I also might never use the certificate I got. I've been thinking about Psychology and Philosophy, but I think I like them more as an amateur. I am also crazy about traveling so this was an option as well. Most likely I want to go for something combining art and traveling.

When I graduated school and they didn't get me in the art academy in Sofia I went to London… who knows why. I've been always passionate about Spain or Italy, but the UK? .. Anyway I stayed there a year and a half until now. 18th March 2020 with the lockdown of Europe because of COVID-19 I quit my job, got back home and left everything behind. Now I am making new and crazier plans for my future.

Cheers to the new beginning!